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How to Apply

As of March 2016 Enkalon Foundation has introduced an application form which can be completed online via the link below.

Before you start the application process there will be two documents to download. Firstly you will be required to download and complete the Award Payment Form which will need to be signed by one of the groups bank signatories.

The second form to be downloaded is the Application Checklist. This outlines all the supporting paperwork that will be required to complete the application. The online application allows these documents to be sent digitally but they can accept via post if a digital copy is not available.

The application form will require details regarding your group as well as your project and a detailed budget must be submitted. This can either be uploaded or filled out online. The application form does not have to be completed in one session. You can save and continue at a later date if necessary.

Any queries regarding the process can be addressed by contacting the Administrator Claire Cawley on (07740) 641166 or

Application Form Award Payment Form Application Checklist